Guide to Make your Home a Smart Home

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Can you manage all your home appliances using your smartphones? Doesn’t this sound strange? Well, yes. You can now control all your home appliances from your front door to your bedroom light with the help of smart technologies. In recent days, Smart homes are becoming big business. It is one of the advanced technologies prevailing form the past 30 years, but now with voice recognition technology, high-quality HD cameras, and a high-speed internet connection, it is becoming more and more common. Even smartphones and tablets create a personalized experience that enhances your life with added comfort, convenience, savings, and peace of mind.

Smart home and smart appliances

Smart homes are the smart home automation solution that makes all the electronic components and systems you use daily to work together, seamlessly. They give you control of everything from lighting, music, climate control, security, etc. Turn your home into a smart home by using the smart home appliances listed below.

1. Smart Blinds

What if you could open your blinds in the morning even without leaving your bed? Well, you can. Smart blinds save your time and help you to secure your home when you are away. It is one of the sustainable ways to boost energy efficiency and saves money. These smart blinds align with the movement of the sun to maximize natural light usage.

2. Smart doorbell

A smart doorbell offers convenience, continuous monitoring, and security to your most valuable asset. It acts both as a doorbell and a security camera. It is an amazing technology that makes your home smart and safer. The HD camera in the doorbell allows you to see the person at your front door through your smartphones. It also allows you to communicate with the person via your smartphones. Smart doorbells offer security, they even give you the appearance of being at home even when you are not.

3. Smart fans

Replacing your normal fans to smart fans is another smart way to save energy. A smart fan allows you to regulate the temperature of your home. Even though smart fans sounds like a splurge purchase, it can help you to maintain the temperature and keep your electricity bill down. You can use a smartphone to easily change the directions of your fans according to the climatic changes.

4. Smart Laundry

Washing machines significantly reduces the tiring task of washing clothes. This is the reason why washing machines are found in all most all the houses. The construction and features of the washing machine keep advancing. At present, they have become smarter giving more benefits to make washing convenient. Smart washers and driers are so useful. You can use your mobile phones you can remotely activate your washers, so it starts at an optimum time. They can also determine the best cycle and temperature for your load, which helps you to maintain the quality of your clothes. This automatically reduces the wardrobe waste.

5. A smart thermostat for smart home

A smart thermostat is a smart device that automates the temperature throughout your home. You can control your thermostat right from your phone, which is a great one to save your money. It also helps to save energy especially, when you are away from your home. Thermostats that are compatible with both Amazon Echo and Google Homes can be controlled by your smartphones via their apps.

6. Smart Plugs

A Wi-Fi controlled smart plug is one of the best hacks to turn your regular technology into smart technology. Smart plugs can be used for Television, Kitchen appliances, computers, and other electronics and can be controlled by your smartphones. It is probably the cheapest way to make your one step smarter.

Final Thoughts

Learn to know how easily you can protect your smart devices. You may already be living in your smart home and you need to know and be aware of the threats to your smart devices in the age of the Internet of Things. So, be clear about the security needs of smart devices in detail before you start to use them.