Everything Homeowners Need to Know About Repointing Roof!

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Have you ever heard about the repointing roof? It is nothing but the process of replacing the pointing. If you have slate roofing, repairing and maintaining your roof is quite confusing. But, repointing the roof is extremely important, especially when the storm season is around the corner. During this time, many homes will perform annual maintenance checks and fix the major problems in the roof.

One of the vital things to maintain the tiled roofs properly is repointing the roof. The ridge tiles for slate roofs are commonly used to seal the joints and prevent water damage. Roof repointing is where the roofers use the layer of the flexible pointing material along with cement mortar over the roof bedding. It makes sure that your roof tiles and ridge tiles are kept securely in place.

It acts as the seal preventing moisture, dust, and water from coming through your roof. Meanwhile, it maintains the roof’s structural integrity and gives ultimate protection against harsh elements like strong wind. Continue reading to know the major aspects of the roof repointing!

How to determine that roof needs repointing

Finding your roof needs repointing is extremely simple, but you have to do the following things carefully.

  • Look for the gaps or cracks in the pointing, which lie along the edges of the ridge capping. If it is present, then your roof requires to be repointed.
  • Perform a thorough visual inspection of the roof and the ridge capping from the ground. It helps you get an idea about the condition of the roof pointing.
  • If you think that your roof needs repair, then ask the roofing contractor to inspect the roof and ensure whether it needs repointing.
  • Whenever the roof tiles are missing or loose, you have to perform the repointing to restore the roof’s integrity.

Process of roof repointing

Even though roof repointing is a viable DIY project, it is advisable to do it only when you know the exact process. Or else, give this task to qualified and skilled professionals. The roofing contractors will reach your space and check whether the roof needs repointing or some other repairs or maintenance.

Before repointing, the roofers inspect the roof tiles using the probe to check for loose cement. If any loose materials are found, they are removed thoroughly, and the cavity is cleaned properly. Then, the professional will rebel or replace the roof tiles that are damaged or loose. Before being repointed, the roof is cleaned thoroughly.

After that, the roofer will start at the bottom and work up the roof by ensuring the flexible materials are applied properly along the way. Professional roofers often recommend a thorough repointing job instead of spot repointing to enjoy the best result and maintain the roof integrity.

Benefits of roof repointing

Are you wondering whether repointing your roof is worth it? If yes, then check out these benefits carefully.

  • Repointing seals the roof against water to prevent wood rot, moisture damage, and mold growth in the home. So, you will render extra protection to your roof and prevent it from serious damage.
  • Loose tiles may fall off the roof and increase the risk of getting an injury. When you perform roof repointing, your roof safety is improved a lot.
  • A repointed roof requires less maintenance, and thus you will not require to spend on repairs frequently. It means you can save more money on repairs.
  • The repointing roof helps the roof to restore its original integrity and look. As a result, you can get the best value for your home while selling.

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