Gorgeous Foiling Hair Color Ideas You Should Try 

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Bored with the same hair color? Then it’s time to try something new and unique! Why don’t you change the color of your hair with foiling? It is one of the best coloring techniques that can add more volume and texture to your hair. During this dye process, the foil sheets are used to separate the hair strands. Then these hair strands will be covered with a lightener or color before wrapping them in the foil to process. This aluminum foil provides the ultimate control over the color application. Furthermore, it can create a streaking effect that gives defined and multi-layered highlights. Here are some excellent and stunning Foiling hair color ideas that you must try.

Blonde Hair Color

Girls with blonde hair connected with a lightness of being delicate femininity and good. It makes you look younger than you are and adds more glamour to your outlook. Also, it helps to get away with dandruff, and even use the talcum powder as an emergency dry shampoo. In addition, this color is crowned as the seductive hair color that can quickly grab anyone’s attention.

Brown Hair Color 

Brunette colors are bright enough from nature, so they suit all short, medium, and long hair. Eventually, experimenting with the brown shades is a huge joy that enhances your appearance. Its glossy strands go a long way to make the hair look healthy. In addition, this brown hue suits well with cool and warm skin tones. To get the best shade of the brown hair, try it with the foil.

Red Foiling Hair Color Ideas

Red is an incredible color to wear with the help of the foils. It brightens up your hair features and adds extra shine, which brings some warmth to your life. This shade also shows more glow in some kind of skin complexion. Even red is available in diverse hues such as auburn, copper, ginger, sherry, claret, and more. One of the major advantages of red hair is it goes well with all kinds of skin tones.

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Gray Hair Color

Searching for neutral hair color? If yes, then give a try on the gray hair color that aids to heighten your personality. It is healthier than artificially colored hair, and this is easier to manage. Even try the gray hair with shades like teal, navy blue, emerald, ruby, mystique purple, and others. This can complement gray hair well and portray a sophisticated look.

Blue Hair Color

The blue hair color is a fun and bold statement that can make you look unique from the crowd. Also, it looks great with all the skin tones. If you have a warm complexion, then try a blue shade with purple or green hues. It aids to balance the gold or yellow undertones well. People with rich and dark skin tones can surely wear the blue foil hair color.

Caramel Hair Color

The caramel hair color will bring you a sun-kissed and buttery shade. It has warm golden undertones that make you look stunning. It is the reason why most celebrities and experts prefer this shade. This caramel shade hit the perfect balance between the rich colors of brunette and red blonde. Moreover, the caramel brown suits well with lighter shade skin tones.

Unicorn Hair Color

Wish to get something cool? If yes, then go with the dazzling unicorn hair color. This is a versatile choice that has various hues including lilac, pink, pistachio, aqua, and buttercup. It doesn’t cause any damage to the hair and lasts for longer. This goes well for people with light skin tones.

Pastel Pink Hair Colour

Try the stunning pastel pink color that can make your hair look glossier and more impressive. This shade is ideal for individuals with fair and cool complexions. If you have warm undertones, then go with the pastel blue hues to show your inner glow. Typically the pink suits are for people with lighter hair and fair skin. It will leave a crisp and vibrant pink color that enhances your appearance.

Final Verdict

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