Important Benefits of Solar Water Heater

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As it heaps an enormous amount of energy, the basic need for hot water is very expensive. Studies show that it takes more than 18% of domestic energy is used to heat water. In most homes and manufacturing industries, this energy is generated from fossil fuels like gas and oil. Most modern domestic boilers use gas to heat water on demand. Above all, many people prefer using electricity to heat the water, which is considered to be one of the expensive methods out of all.

Therefore the advent of Solar Energy has helped people to adopt sustainable and efficient methods to carry out regular activities. Here, the green energy generated from the natural and ultimate source of sun, using the solar panels. Solar energy comes from natural sources and releases no carbon emissions like any other fuels. Here are some benefits of installing a solar water heater.

1. Protect Water Quality

It has been proved that many power plants and other toxic heavy metals are being released into the environment every year. Except for this, carbon and other toxic particles are also responsible for burning fossil fuel. These substances may be mixed with the water of rivers, streams, and other water bodies. Hence, it’s considered as a major threat to humans when they consume water from these sources. The solar water heater is one of the effective solutions that can take to put a stop to mercury contamination of our watersheds.

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2. Requires No Maintenance

The first and foremost advantage of solar water heater is they not require any maintenance when get installed. As the installation process of a water heater is very simple, you do not face any maintenance costs for a long time. However, if your area belongs to hard water, the collector tubes of water heaters may require annual cleaning to remove accumulated scale and sediment deposits.

3. Solar Energy Saves money on electricity bills

A good solar water heater can help you save electricity bills on heating water. Even in a moderate climate, it can provide up to 80% of your hot water requirements. Therefore, it is capable of saving the majority of utility bills for several months. For instance, the best solar heater with a capacity of 100 liters can save up to 1500 units of electricity in a year, and that based on the amount of hot water used. This heating system pays for itself in just 4 to 8 years, but it is believed to last for at least 40 years or more. This is how you can save a lot of free energy by using solar energy and avail a lot of savings from the water bill.

4. Zero-Cost

The solar panel uses the energy generated from the sun ideally. This means you do not have to pay a single penny to the power grid for using solar electricity. Being a renewable source of conventional energy, it is completely free and available each day. All you need to do is outline how to fine-tune the panel to optimize the performance in cloudy weather. You can consult the best solar water heater suppliers to know more about how solar heater can be effective in all the seasons.

5. Efficient

One of the major reasons solar panel has great outweigh than any other form of energy is its efficiency they bring to you. Here the efficiency means, without making use of any external fuels, the solar panels convert up to 80 percent radiation into the heat energy. In comparison to electrical and gas-powered water heaters, solar models report energy efficiency levels of about 50%.

6. Increased Home Value

Studies say that homes with solar sell faster and at higher rates than those without. Thus, installing a solar water heater to your home is an investment that will pay back whether you stay or sell.

Last Words

Solar energy water heater needs an initial investment but is always an effective alternative for heating water. One efficient way to cut down the massive electricity bills due to water heating is to invest in solar water heaters. It will not only reduce the electricity bills but will also cost-effectively provide numerous other advantages.