How to Drink at a Beach Party and Survive

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A beach party has its style of fun and entertainment. With the evolution of trends, drinking is becoming a common culture in such parties. Though alcohol sounds great there are limits in consuming it to survive the party for a longer time. Day drinking may be fun at the beach but then there are chances of skin getting tanned, sunburns and dehydration are the most probable consequences faced.

If there are any plans for a long night out then handle yourself carefully. Drinking culture becomes casual once when a person reaches adulthood. Many workplaces include beach partying as a part of their stress reliving leisure time for their employees, where alcohols play a major role in satisfying the day. The celebration could be made more interesting if one could follow the listed tips.

1. Keep a count

Never fail to keep an eye on the level of consumption. Take breaks and wander around socializing with everyone around. Hitting straight to alcohol might take us to a danger zone, one can avoid this by opting cocktails. Go for lemonades or any fresh juices in between to beat the heat and to avoid over drinking. By doing this we can enjoy the event more and remain into the fun till the end.

2.  Stay in shade

Sunlight could be refreshing but staying under the sun for a longer period might affect health. Though it does not reflect at that time of entertainment it may affect the day after. Do not fail to take sunscreen with you. Wear comfortable outfits, so that one can remain cool throughout the celebration.

Try to take a nap if possible, being all day out in the sun will make us tired. So try to get some sleep under the shade.

3. Remain hydrated

Dehydration is common, hydrate at regular intervals. Some people consume alcohol to quench their thirst at the beach. Alcohol is diuretic every sip of it in any for like beer, wine or cocktail can dehydrate us. It also makes us urinate frequently. Water is a day drinker’s best friend it helps to keep their level of intoxication manageable and keep under control until the night falls.

Overindulging and rich partying might cause nausea and vomiting, which leads to severe dehydration. Make sure to hydrate yourself.

4. Consume food

Put something solid into the stomach after drink, try to go for carbohydrates which would help to overcome dehydration. Eating prevents alcohol from being absorbed into our small intestine and blood. Try to take food at least an hour before a beverage, if that does not happen go with low concentration drink. To ease the effects of hangover eat asparagus while consuming the beverage. The night after the party one can release the toxicities by eating bananas, tomato juice, a toast, or ginger to be back to normal.

5. Pick the right entertainment

The most important thing after being alcoholic is to choose the right kind of entertainment at a beach party. Do not swim after drinks as the beach might look inviting. This is because one might lose their stability and reaction time. It is better to avoid driving or swimming when one is in a partying mode.

Instead of swimming, one can go on with other activities such as dancing, singing, cards, and much more. Limbo dancing could be more of official beach fun. If you’re bored and a sand artist? Then it the right place to prove your extra skills. It would be more interesting to spend time without getting bored. Survive the party without any hazard!

Final thoughts

Parties are decked out with the best entertainment but anything within limits could be more enjoyable and relaxing. One must keep himself in control rather than to go overboard with food and drinks, which might leave us sluggish. These tips would help one to survive the beach party without ending up in misery the next morning.