Wood Charcoal Grilling Guide!

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If you are using charcoal for your grill party, you might be intimidated by the fact that you would be using a charcoal grill. But do you know using a grill adequately? Obtaining high-quality charcoal from Hardwood Charcoal Supplier doesn’t qualify you to be a charcoal grilling expert! You have to know everything about the charcoal grill to obtain delicious grilled dishes, so if you are up for a grill party, here some charcoal grilling guides that will help you get the best cook title.

Choosing the charcoal!

Two of the most used Wood charcoal today is Mallee root charcoal and mangrove charcoal. Mallee root charcoal offers you a source of fuel that burns stronger than other sources of fuel. These types of charcoal will offer a powerful sear to your meat that you grill.

On the other hand, mangrove charcoal offers you a source of fuel that burns more evenly. This type of charcoal is adequate for your food. It helps you win the title of best cook among your friends. Further, mangrove charcoal is usually for the foods that need light heat for cooking. It includes vegetables and some types of meat that are not thick enough.

Pre-heating the grill is the most crucial step!

If you want your food to be adequately grilled, you must ensure your grill is pre-heated. It is a pre-heated grill offers you the taste that you want in your food. It also matches with smoky grilled and caramelized flavor. Thus, you need to pre-heat the grill before cooking. To pre-heat your grill, you should place some wood charcoal in the bottom grate of your grill. You can also add your charcoal in a heap, to the chimney starter with the lid of the grill off.

Once you position your charcoal, you can ignite your charcoal and leave them as it is for twenty minutes. Keeping them ignited for 20 minutes turns the charcoal red. So, when you see red charcoal, you can spread the charcoal in a single layer. After spreading it in a layer, allow it to burn for 10 minutes more. Once you see grey ash on them, it means the grill is ready to cook.

Choose your grilling options

Usually, there are two types of grilling options. It includes the direct grill and indirect grill. If you are choosing a direct grill, then you must know that direct grilling can be done in any type of grill. In this type of grilling, you can place your food directly on the grill rack. This type of grilling is best suitable for foods that are tender, small, and thin. If you use the direct grill method, you can cook your food in less than thirty minutes. Steaks, burgers, kebabs, hot dogs, boneless poultry fish are best for direct grilling.

Indirect grilling involves cooking food where the food will not get a direct heat source. This means you have to place your food in an area. You can cover your lid while cooking. So, if you wish to employ this type of grilling, you must spread your charcoal wide apart on the opposite side of the food. You have to create a zone for indirect heat to reach out to your food. The indirect grill is best for foods like whole birds, ribs, large roasts, and whole fish.

Check the temperature

If you want to be a genius chef in grilling food, you should check the grill temperature. Using Wood charcoal may sometimes overheat/burn your food. So, you should check your grill temperature to get the best grilling experience.

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