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BIBA Barbering Basics Course

Barber Fitzroy Designed to deliver a concise introduction to the second oldest profession in the world, the Barbering Basics 10-week course focuses on shape refinement, clipper work, and scissor-over-comb techniques and will take you from classic shapes into fashion-forward work.

The course will leave you skilled in the dedicated cutting, styling, and finishing techniques found in barbering.

The Barbering Basics 10-week course covers:

  • Sectioning patterns
  • Shampoo and basin services
  • Traditional and classic men’s cutting techniques
  • Modern men’s cutting techniques
  • Scissor-over-comb
  • Clipper-over-comb
  • Clipper work
  • Finishing techniques
  • Detailing techniques
  • Beard and mustache trims
  • Finishing and styling techniques

At BIBA Academy, real hands-on experience makes up 80% of a student’s learning process and provides invaluable practical experience. The remaining 20% of a student’s training consists of theory and is taught via live demonstrations and presentations.

What Are The Ways To Identify The Best Barber Fitzroy?

We’ll be pleased to talk through our Nationally Accredited Melbourne Hairdressing Course options for Hairdressers and Barbers. Remember, our Hair Academy Courses are available at our two Biba Academy locations, in both Fitzroy and Swanston Street, Melbourne.

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Now you understand the things you need to do to find the best Barber Fitzroy. If you want to be a professional in this industry go to, Biba Academy we have been in this field for more than forty years. We even received several awards for our quality services. And we provide hands-on training for our students. So with our help, you will certainly become an expert in this industry