What Is The Procedure And Cost Of Wisdom Teeth Removal In Australia?

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Wisdom teeth extraction is a very common procedure done to fix and prevent problems with wisdom teeth. The cost of wisdom teeth removal is no more a big issue if you have a dental insurance plan.

Wisdom teeth are the third molar teeth located in the back corners of your mouth. Usually, these teeth grow between the ages of 17 and 24. In most cases, wisdom teeth will not have enough space to grow properly and they are called impacted wisdom teeth. As a result, they grow in the wrong direction at a wrong angle and affect the nearby teeth. This results in increased pain and the individual may find it difficult to main his/her oral hygiene in the respective areas. In this case, wisdom tooth extraction is recommended by the dental surgeon. The extraction procedure takes around 45 minutes and the cost of wisdom teeth removal ranges from $75 to $200 per tooth.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

The last teeth that erupt in the mouth of every individual are known as wisdom teeth. Some individuals have all wisdom teeth erupted in their mouth and some may not even have one wisdom tooth. The lack of adequate space for wisdom teeth to erupt in the oral cavity leads to pericoronitis which occurs around the wisdom teeth. This is the main case when wisdom teeth removal is recommended by oral and dental surgeons.

Wisdom tooth extraction

The word wisdom tooth refers to the surgical removal of the last set of teeth that erupts in the mouth of individuals, also called 8ers. Wisdom tooth removal is also known as impacted tooth extraction. It must be removed for various reasons such as if the teeth cause infections, pain, damage to the nearby tooth, development of a cyst around wisdom teeth, etc.

The wisdom teeth removal is done by an experienced oral or dental surgeon at a dental clinic in Australia. Depending on the complexity of the case as well as the clinical skills of the surgeon, the time taken for wisdom tooth extraction may vary.


Extraction or removal of wisdom teeth normally takes around 45 minutes to an hour. First, the dental or oral surgeon at the dental clinic injects local anesthesia with one or more injections near the site of each extraction. Your dental surgeon will likely apply a substance to your gums before you receive an injection. Though you are awake during tooth removal you will not experience pain. Know More In-Depth On A Wisdom Tooth Infection.

In some cases, sedation anesthesia is given to the patients to suppress their consciousness during the procedure. The sedation anesthesia is generally given through the IV line in your arm by your oral surgeon. You will experience no pain during the procedure and will have limited memory. Local anesthesia is also given to the gums to numb them.

In special cases, general anesthesia may be offered instead of local anesthesia. In this type, you may inhale medication through your mouth or IV line in the arm or sometimes in both. Once surgical anesthesia is given, the individual will completely lose consciousness. The surgical team will closely monitor the individuals breathing, medication, fluid, blood pressure, and temperature. Patients will have no memory and will not experience any pain during the entire procedure. To help with postoperative discomfort, local anesthesia is also given to the patients.

During a tooth extraction, the oral or dental surgeon:

  1. Makes an incision or a small cut in the gum if the tooth hasn’t come through the gum. He may also remove the small piece of bone that covers the tooth.
  2. To make the removal process easier, the tooth may be cut into smaller sections.
  3. The tooth is removed.
  4. The oral or dental surgeons check for any debris from the tooth or bone and clean the site.
  5. To promote healing they may stitch the wound, this isn’t always necessary.
  6. Gauze is placed over the site of extraction to control bleeding and to help the formation of a blood clot.

Cost of wisdom tooth removal

The cost of wisdom tooth removal varies in different parts of the country. A simple removal costs around $75-$200 per tooth and impacted wisdom tooth costs in the range of $225-$600 per tooth. The good news about tooth extraction is most of the dental insurance plans cover wisdom tooth removal.

Final thoughts

For some people, the eruption of wisdom teeth is not a big deal; they do not experience any kind of difficulties or pain because their teeth erupt fully and without any problem. In other cases, the teeth do not have enough space or room to come in normally. We at Holistic Dental provide the best dental solutions for such people suffering from wisdom tooth problems. Holistic Dental is the best choice for people who say no to wisdom tooth extraction because of the pain, cost of wisdom teeth removal, and risk involved in it.

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The author is a dental surgeon who wants people to know about the procedure, time, and cost of wisdom teeth removal in Australia.