Custom teacher stamp- A perfect way to reward your students

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Custom Teacher Stamps are an excellent workplace addition for any school teacher. A favourable stamp might encourage students to strive harder or to remember to sign and submit finished work. How do you provide feedback to the students and communicate with them about their finished work? Are you properly informing kids and their parents when something is assessed based on participation rather than accuracy?

Are you informing them when a task should be implemented to study for an upcoming exam? Perhaps you might gently remind them to adhere to the guidelines more attentively next time. While this form of communication is critical, it may be extremely intimidating and time-consuming. Well, here we came up with a simple solution for everyone: custom teacher stamps!

Benefits of using customised teacher stamps in the classroom

Grade papers

Make paper grading fun while recognising your students’ devotion and hard work. Teacher stamps allow you to easily express appreciation! For extra encouragement, add a stamp imprint to the very top of all of the student’s homework and report cards.

Monitoring student progress

Stamps may be a fun and easy way to maintain track of key dates. Use a teacher stamp to track student attendance and progress while giving an encouraging message!

Everyone in the classroom

Student prizes, documents, take-home papers, files, badges, and anything else may all be stamped! Customised Teacher Reward Stamps are an ideal way to personalise all elements of your teaching! During this time, many instructors purchase the stamp with the hand cleaning emblem to assist in keeping the children’s hands clean. This visual sign is entertaining and simple to understand for everyone. You may purchase your stamp by including all of your specifications.

Conventional or self-inking

Stamps are classified into two types: self-inking stamps and conventional stamps. Self-inking stamps include an inbuilt, removable ink pad that allows you to stamp fast and efficiently without priming the stamp. Unlike traditional stamps, self-inkers don’t have to be polished after each use. The conclusion is that the self-inking stamps save time, so they are more expensive than traditional stamps.

Ways to customise your stamp & non-customisable options

Text, colour, font, picture, and size are all options for our personalised teacher stamps. If you don’t want to use words, simply submit a logo, and the image will be used to fill the space on your stamp. You may design your unique perception, which will apply to your stamp. Look through our customisable stamps to select an aesthetic you like, and experiment with the many customisation choices.

There are also instructional stamps that are not customisable but relatively affordable, particularly when compared to stickers. There are several styles available, both pre-inked and traditional. With so many options available, start utilising customised teacher stamps to help you and save time!

How can teachers use teacher stamps effectively?

So, how should teacher reward stamps be utilised, and why is this important? As with any marking, it is critical that it be meaningful and done to enhance knowledge or future planning.

All marking systems can potentially lose sight of the grading objective & become a checklist of duties. It is also critical that teacher stamps be used successfully to benefit both students and teachers regarding education and planning.

This is not to say that teacher stamps aren’t useful tools for educators. Indeed, if the stamps are utilised to help deliver information to children and are favourably valued by kids, they can improve children’s learning and progress. This means the stamp system can save workload, boost marking purposes, and benefit students and instructors.

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