Best Dental Clinic: Wisdom Teeth Recovery Tips 

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Wisdom teeth grow with extreme pain, so consider Best Dental Clinic Melbourne service to extract. It refers to the last adult teeth that might grow in the late teens or early 20s in the mouth. In general, it erupts between the ages of 17 and 21 and everyone wishes to remove it due to its uneasiness or pain. This surgery is also common, a serious dental treatment. Everyone knows post-care is important to follow after oral surgery. Having difficulties or uneasiness will not allow people to eat or taste even their favorite meal. Want to get rid of the painful period quickly? Then, read the given tips to recover from wisdom teeth extraction.

What Should Expect In The First 48 Hours?

Check the Best Dental Clinic Melbourne experts advise the following.

  • Don’t try to floss the mouth vigorously
  • Sucking is not recommended, so avoid using a straw.
  • Quite smoke.
  • Don’t allow the tongue or fingers to touch or disturb the surgery site.


Even for 24 hours, the blood will come after tooth removal. So don’t panic, just try to bite on damp gauze for 1 hour, after 20 minutes, use fresh gauze, and don’t lie flat. Keep the head at height with the help of pillows and limit giving work or movement for the mouth for 2 – 3 days.


A chance exists to encounter infection; in that case, it is significant to consume prescribed medicine. Regularly, intake medication at appropriate times until completely finished. If you are a woman who also taking birth control pills, talk about it with the dentist to avoid consequences. Because penicillin medication can reduce the effect of birth control pills temporarily.

Self-Care Instruction


After the 24 hours, don’t try some things mentioned in the list.

  • Smoking
  • Rinsing or spitting the mouth
  • Chewing food
  • Drinking alcohol, caffeine, and hot beverages
  • Using a straw
  • Exploits tobacco or vaping products
  • Heavy lifting or strenuous exercise

Oral Hygiene

Nothing is better than following a hygiene routine to escape from potential infections after oral surgery. Getting wisdom teeth extraction from Best Dentist Melbourne will share essential instructions immediately. It includes how to clean, brush, floss, and protect dental throughout recovery. Hence, you do not need to enquire about the surgery or worry about oral health.

After 24 hours of the procedure, rinse mouth with salt water. Be careful, don’t swoosh the liquid, move head from one side to another, and tip the mouth on the sink to let the water fall outside.

Tackle Pain

It is normal to expect swelling in the cheeks after having surgery. Mitigate the effect with the help of ice cubes or taking prescribed pain relief pills. The medication plays a vital role in preventing inflammation and infection, so never skip it. The home remedy is approaching icing over the painful areas and using an extra pillow during bedtime.

What Should Eat & Drink?

During the recovery period, Best Dental Clinic Melbourne dentist gives importance for eating and staying hydrated. Therefore, ask them to learn what is right to intake and avoid. Going behind hard or crunchy bites can create damage to the blood clot or stitches. Tender meal items such as cottage cheese, pudding, soup, smoothies, and mashed potatoes are good choices. Maintain distances from spicy, crunchy, nuts, seeds, and very hot or cold foods. After all, remind yourself to gently rinse the mouth after eating at last to keep it clean.