Type Of Accessories Provided By The Bathroom Ware Suppliers Melbourne

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Planned to renovate your bathroom? Great! It is the place you need hygiene significantly and updated with the latest accessories that can update the restroom. From its design to the products, choose them carefully depending on your convenience. Then only your family members can use it comfortably and unwind. Hiring trustworthy Bathroom Ware Suppliers Melbourne is always best. They will provide you with high-quality sanitary ware with the latest styles at a reasonable cost. You can select them by considering the standard, going through the feedback, comparing the price quotes, and researching well. If you are new to the bathroom project, then you may not beware of the things that are typically required, and fixed in the toilet. Here are the significant accessories that are offered by sanitary ware suppliers.


The basin looks modernized and brings a modest feel to the bathroom. A wall-mounted washbasin won’t have any under cabinets, so it saves more space which suits well for the small room. It can help to wash your hands and face as it comes with the pipe. Now it is available with plenty of shapes and designs. They will be made from ceramic, stone, glass, or metal. Typically everyone considers the ceramic bowl, which is easy to clean and maintain.


Keeping a great bathtub in the washroom can create a big difference in appearance and transform it into a spa-worthy space. Taking a bath with this tub can help to control the water usage, and save from the water bill. It can lead you to bathe comfortably by lying in the tub. It can come in the types such as generic, soaking, whirlpool and air, cast iron, acrylic, composite and more. It will be created from thermo-formed acrylic, porcelain-enameled cast iron, porcelain-enameled steel, and others.

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The mirror is one of the vital accessories that you require in the bathroom. It helps to apply makeup, check out your appearance, shave, and more. This is a great addition to this place, so get the one that comes with the LED light. It can bring an overall enhanced feel along with the visually enlarged room. It comes with striking designs like gunmetal, rose gold, metal black, or frameless round frames. The shapes will be rectangular and round so choose them depending on your desire.

Door Handle – Offered By The Bathroom Ware Suppliers Melbourne

The bathroom door handle leaves the first impression of its exterior look. It can boost the door’s appeal and is available with an extensive range of designs. As it comes with the attached lock, it can provide you with privacy in the washroom. So, you can relax for a long time without any interruption. Also, it helps you to pull or push the door without any difficulties. You do not need to put your physical energy to open or close it. This comes with options including lever handles, pull handles, doorknobs, and others.


The bathroom tap is an impressive decoration to this space. It helps to control water consumption and energy. Generally, it will be installed above the basin to use. It is available in the varieties such as floor-mounted taps, bath shower mixer taps, wall mounted taps, mixer taps, and more, Apart from the washbasin, it will be fixed in the shower and other places. It has a handle that aids to control the water flow by the press or rotating it.

Shower Set

Installing the shower set in the washroom can bring you a great bathing experience. It has the assortments including round double shower, single shower set, square double shower set, and more. They will be made from materials like acrylic, fiberglass, PVC, solid surface material, cast iron, and steel. Pick the eye-catching one to fix in your bathroom.

Final Lines

Apart from the above accessories, the door lock, toilet, towel rail, and more will be provided by the Bathroom Ware Suppliers Melbourne. At Auzzie tiles & bathroom ware, we sell high-quality sanitary ware products at a reasonable cost. We also offer you the best installation services that reduce your stress. The bathroom is the place where you would be relaxed, so make it more comfortable with our excellent service.